Customer Comments



Evan and the Crew at SafeHaven Auto Care,

I just wanted to thank you all for your help and consideration towards J.M. She is a friend of mine who is on a very limited fixed income. Her husband was recently diagnosed with MS and hasn't been able to work now for quite some time. He is in a wheelchair and the only transportation they have is that old van, which unfortunately, is on its last leg.

Recently, she took her van in for an inspection and emissions and was told that the old engine was about to die and that it wouldn't pass the emissions which meant she and her husband had no transportation and no extra money to purchase a vehicle. I sent her down to see you after you agreed to diagnose her van and she called me this morning through tears of joy as she told me how you helped her prepare the van to pass the inspection and emissions.

Thanks to all of your help and consideration, she can now register and drive her much needed transportation. I sincerely appreciate your kindness towards her. Pat yourselves on the back!

 Nate Sherman